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The Story of a transaction

June 5th, 2012 by admin

This story, in moyvzglyad, worthy, so I shared it with you. I have to say and ended onablagopoluchno to everyone’s satisfaction. Were happy with everything, and moeyklientkoy, call it love Ivanovna, we talk so far. It all started as usual: Call porekomendatsii, agreed to meet as Lyubov chelovekzanyatoy, I had come to her vofis during working hours (this is very common for people to work, get sick, do not mogutostavit young children alone and often have to travel to clients for them vudobnoe time). The voice on the phone sounded dry and the business officially, but in the office I was greeted by friendly woman, she is alive interesovalasmoimi personal interests, hobbies, asked why I stalarabotat realtor we talked to other topics that do not relate to that svoprosom She actually invited me, and only in the kontserazgovora we agreed to meet her to appreciate her apartment and podpisatdogovor for the service. Housing, which I had to sell was in panelnoyhruschevke in the city center. Near the house was a garage, which put the car Lyubov Ivanovna. One of the conditions of sale – buying an apartment in a new brick house on the middle floor, near and srabotoy garazhom. Poskolku etommikrorayone in a time of new homes has not been built, it faced a challenge complicated by the unknowns of the lungs and she had one condition: my client in a new kvartiredolzhna was sebyakomfortno feel that is at the level of sensations. The situation is, you know, is not simple. Starting to look for buyers yaodnovremenno picked up an alternative. The buyer was found after some time (from out of town, with a mortgage cherezAZhIK), but there was no alternative. We have reviewed all the apartments for sale in this area, although no amount be suitable podnashi conditions were even talking about smeneuslovy search the apartment, but my love and I. Did not want to hear anything oprodazhe garage and move to another area. It was all to no avail… In itogepered new year, it was decided to rent an apartment with prodazhi. Zakonchilis New Year holidays. And suddenly – the phone calls my client happy soobschaetmne voice that she had found an apartment, “all as she was looking for!”. When I asked about that for kvartirai where it is, Love Ivanovnazasmeyalas and told me to sit down, if I’m standing. The apartment was in novomkirpichnom house in the village of “Southern” on the ground floor flats, but there chuvstvovalaona very comfortable! To the question: what about the garage? She said: garazhkuplyu next to the new general zhilem.V everyone was happy: our pokupatelipriobreli fancy of the apartment, Lyubov moved into a new komfortnoezhile, and I was pleased with the result raboty. Dorogie customers, the experience, know exactly what is on your kazhduyukvartiru, a unique customer, listen to the advice svoegospetsialista, consider all the options that it offers you, Who knows, maybe this is your apartment!

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